ABCC 2012

Case Title: CBM Pte Ltd – Industry’s ‘Silent Service’?


Author(s): A. Lee Gilbert


Abstract: CBM Pte Ltd (CBM) originated as a subsidiary developed to support the facilities management (FM) needs of its property development parent, Singapore-based City Developments Ltd. Viewed as an industry, FM comprised a surprisingly large component of the GDP in mature markets such as Europe and North America, and was beginning to grow rapidly in emerging markets such as Asia and the Middle East. With the Singapore market approaching saturation, and new opportunities arising in overseas markets to which the recently reorganised firm had good access, CBM had achieved several years of double-digit growth. However, the FM market was evolving as large players began to expand their overseas networks and integrate their services to follow multinational clients around the globe. Was the trend toward service integration and environmental sustainability an opportunity for CBM, or a threat? How could they sustain their profitable growth?