1. Who can take part in SEC?

The Sustainable Enterprise Challenge 2018 is open to all full-time undergraduate students across all faculties who are enrolled in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Interested students must form teams of 3-5 and register their team online by 24th August 2018, 2359hrs.

Cross-faculty teams are strongly encouraged! Take this opportunity to work with friends outside of your faculty and gain fresh perspectives on the theme of sustainability.

  1. Preliminary Round

Challenge Release

Participants will receive the challenge on 27th August 2018, 1200hrs.


Teams are to submit a 10 slides PowerPoint presentation (in pptx format), with a maximum of 100-word narration for the Notes on each PowerPoint slide. The presentation slides submitted should abide by the following specifications:

Introduction Include team name only.
Layout Slide number should be included.
Content Guidelines Teams should be mindful of using animations. Some animations may obscure slide content when printed.
Limit Maximum of 10 slides including cover slide if any.

Maximum of 100-word narration on each PowerPoint slide

Submission Format All presentations are to be in Standard 4:3 PowerPoint format
File Name Team Name_Presentation

E.g.: Ace Consulting_Presentation.pptx (or .ppt)


Any submission that does not abide by these specifications will be disqualified.


Teams are to submit their slides via email to by 5th September 2018, 1200hrs. Late submissions will not be considered. Teams are encouraged to submit early to avoid possible network disruptions.

Teams are allowed to make multiple submissions prior to the submission deadline. Only the latest submission before the deadline will be considered.

Upon successful receipt of the presentation slides, each team will be notified via email.

By submitting, teams will be taken to have given consent to have their recommendations shared with the featured enterprise.